Red Route - Public Bus Transportation for Southwest Wisconsin

rideSMRT Commuter Bus route from Prairie du Chien to La Crosse WI, Monday - Friday


Attention: Effective Monday, February 27,2017- The Red Bus will have a change in schedule during the end of Route 2 and the beginning of Route 3.


To receive SMRT Bus Route updates, text ridesmrt to 662-200-4303.

The Red Route bus has three routes that all start in Prairie du Chien, then stop in Lynxville, Ferryville, De Soto, Genoa, Stoddard to La Crosse. This route then returns to Prairie du Chien by stopping at the same locations. There is an early morning route, a mid-day route and an afternoon route.

SMRT buses run Monday - Friday.
Schedules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check for updated schedules.

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Attention: The transportation of pets or other animals is not permitted on the SMRT bus.

Exception - Service animals for legally impaired individuals.

S.M.R.T. Bus Routes

Prairie du Chien stops

Lynxville stops

Ferryville stops

De Soto

Genoa stops

Stoddard stops

La Crosse stops

This regional bus transit service is for commuters, elderly and disabled residents, the general public and potential tourism related travel. Each time you board the bus you pay only $3.00 (cash) one way, no matter how far you ride. The drivers will not be making change, so please have correct payment ready.

rideSMRT BusSMRT buses run Monday - Friday.

Currently all stops will be made on public streets/roads. Business locations are only listed on the routes to assist bus users in identifying the stop locations.

Please check back often as we better define the stops, and identify "park and ride" locations.

Holiday Schedule: The SMRT bus does NOT run on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

If you have any questions about the routes, please call toll free: 877-444-6543.

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